“SOMEONE CALL 911!” – Thats what I heard interrupting the music playing through my headphones while busy buried in my work.

I had a moment with a co-worker who unexpectedly needed medical attention for a potentially life threatening issue. This moment made me think of a few things that inspired this post.

This particular incident made me remember just how valuable health is. The distractions of our daily activities can sometimes make us forget just how true this is.  You can have all the clout, possessions, and power in the world but without your health it really doesn’t mean much. Take a moment today and get out of the momentum and stress of your day and stop and think and be thankful that you are alive, functioning and able. This time of the year can be stressful and downright overwhelming but if you are breathing and with it right now at this moment then you have the opportunity for action. The second thing that came to mind from yesterday’s event was to not put so much emphasis on the small stuff. Yes, there is traffic, long lines and rude people but these things are only small inconveniences that are only given any significance because we chose to entertain them. Focus on the things you can control. Finally the last thought I had from yesterday to conclude this long post, is how much value something like basic first aid/CPR training has during an emergency situation. If you have the free time and the means to go to a class, do it! It could mean the difference in your kids, husband, wife, parent, friend, or stranger’s life. Hope this wasn’t too mushy and added some value.




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